It’s not to be confused with C1B1 strain (1988), which was thought to have been eradicated with multiple vaccines that apparently were only good for 21 years.

The C2B2 Virus 09 Strain is here. It’s not to be confused with C1B1 strain (1988), which was thought to have been eradicated with multiple vaccines that apparently were only good for 21 years.

The information confirming this virus was two years in the making and those responsible for the diagnosis felt it necessary to review thousands upon thousands of pages of what may have been indicators to this outbreak.

One wonders who is at the wheel, when it takes two years to make the diagnosis (if you don’t get it right the first time, not to worry, you will get another kick at the cat). Surely after two years of serious consideration and the weighing of all the facts, you will make the right decision this time.

After all the time, money and effort, with hours of full debate and speaking with those offended, they come up with what appears to be some pretty poor reasoning to stop the impending outbreak.

As someone with a license who has carried the virus for 32 years, it should come as no surprise to me that I may very well be infected again and considered to be a nuisance to the public. I may have to be put down in a humane way, so as not to endanger the greater good of the population at large.

I am trying to make a living, the same as those folks who have inflicted another virus upon me. I wonder if they already had their vaccinations. I’m sure they wouldn’t jump the line. There would have to be a competition and prioritizing and those who tested positive for agency would be at the back of the line.

There appears to be no way of getting rid of such viruses!

 Brian Hirtle


Century 21 Annapolis Valley Realty

Kentville, N.S.

Posted: 2009-12-31 07:48:38

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